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Aural Mental Practice

*This section is for CMA teachers , parents and students only *If you are already a student of CMA international programme, please request from your teacher for password to allow entry. (Unable to retrieve your account. Your password does not belong to CMA student.)

NOTICE: CMA Taiwan Headquarter authorised centres, eligible for the followings benefits (Information not retrievable by non-authorised centres)

  1. Every Student has student id and password for Online practice.
  2. Student has the right to use the original books and material from Taiwan publication.
  3. Student attendance and payment can be accessed online.
  4. Teacher can use VCD-C (total 760pcs VCD) during lesson.
  5. Teacher can use CD-Rom (total:16pcs) during lesson.
  6. Teacher are able to access the Internal control system to key in data.
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