CMA Methodology and its benefits

What is CMA Mental Arithmetic?

Mental Arithmetic is a method of mental calculation performed by visualising and internalising the image of an abacus in the mind. It is based on the principles of abacus calculation. This exercise enhances a child’s ability to do speedy mental calculation without the aid of any physical device.

Our Dual-Hand Abacus Methodology

CMA uses the two hands approach to stimulate both the left and right brains to process mental calculation. This process trains the child to use the both the logical and creative minds to manipulate the virtual image of the abacus beads.

CMA's unique visualization system

At CMA, a child is trained to use his logical left brain to manipulate the virtual abacus image on his abstract right brain, thus effectively stimulating both sides of his brain to achieve speedy mental calculation and total brain development. This is possible with CMA’s unique Visualization System, done in three effective steps.

Mental Maths LearningTo teach the students to perform mental sums without the use of any abacus or other devices.

Visualization LearningTo move from physical abacus to the imaginary with CMA's specially created tools and methods to help our students visualize the abacus in their mind.

Abacus LearningTo use the physical abacus with CMA's unique two-hand method.

Benefits of Learning CMA Mental Arithmetic

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