CMA Singapore Founder –
The late Mr Tay Shy Ching

Our motivation in setting up CMA Singapore was to bring arithmetic and elementary mathematics close to children’s experience by making it a fun-filled activity using multimedia and various other teaching-learning aids. Let’s walk together and experience CMA Singapore’s more than 15 years history of creating great minds,” said Mr Tay.

“I didn’t like Maths”. That’s not something we’d associate with the founder of Singapore’s biggest Abacus Mental Arithmetic centre – CMA. But the late Mr Tay Shy Ching did say, “I had a great phobia about Maths because I didn’t have a good foundation”. In fact, it was probably because he understood the challenges and frustrations of Maths, which propelled Mr Tay to successfully introduce the abacus mental arithmetic system in 2005. From a class of 8 students, to what is now an amazing 22 franchises with more than 6,000 students, Mr Tay had helped numerous children conquer their fear of Maths. Together with his wife and current CEO of CMA Singapore, Mr Tay always believed that “It was fun and very stimulating. At the same time it helped to sharpen my mind, increase my concentration and allowed me to remain alert and very focused at all times.” This philosophy continues to be entrenched in the CMA Singapore team today.

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